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Few things we appreciate more than getting a letter like one of these! We work hard everyday to make sure they continue to arrive.

Dear MJ,

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job MJ's done on our house. I could not be happier with my new window's and siding they did the most spectacular job! If you want a job done right then you need to go with MJ. They have the most professional people working for them. About 4 years ago we had our previous house and we used another company to install windows and siding. There was nothing but problems trying to get them to fix issues we had. And now when we bought our new home we knew that we would not go back to that OTHER company and boy are we glad we went with MJ. I think our house looks the best on the block and it looks like a million bucks.
I love my new windows, they no longer rattle in the wind and they open so nice and easy...they really complete the look of the house. I have never gotten so many compliments on my house before. I know you think that I am just saying this, but it's all true the house is awesome looking and the great people that work for MJ made that happen.
We plan on doing more renovations to our house in the near future and you better believe that we will be having MJ do the work. 

B. Kokett


Dear MJ,

 The entire staff of MJ was professional, friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, and helped with design. The exterior of our home was weather beaten, old and dull. Now it's clean, crisp and up to date. You transformed a 1970s kitchen into an efficient, modern day kitchen. Our new windows are fabulous! No drafts, no moisture, no frost. Now, believe it or not, I can hardly wait to wash windows. Yikes! 
Without any hesitancy, I would recommend MJ Construction, no matter the job. I have every confidence that they would do the best job possible. As a result of your expertise, efficiency and professionalism, two of my neighbors decided to have MJ Construction work on their homes. At one time, we had three MJ Construction signs across our front lawns.
Your entire staff was professional, efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly. Hats off to a great company with a great staff. Wishing you a banner year!

Marge France


We just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for helping us achieve a great end result. We had looked at so many window vendors and not one could meet what we thought were simple demands. Mort gave us the information on several options and gave us the knowledge to make our own educated decisions. We didn’t feel forced but guided through the process that turned out to be the best contractor experience we have ever had.
Your crew was prompt and many persons initially onsite to survey the job and dedicate the needed resources. I office from home and they respected my time waiting when they had questions until I was free from customers never interrupting while on a call. Beside that it was a single digit temps outside when this was done and they did their best to keep things closed up to keep it livable. They were outstanding and great to deal with. Any and all questions were addressed. They worked nonstop and didn’t even take a lunch for the entire process. Respected our property and didn’t mark a wall, floor or anything.
Working late into the evening on the last day there was a simple mistake made on no maintenance wrap of our front door. They came back no problem to fix it. I was shocked to see they had totally redone the wrap job. This no maintenance wrap was something their lead person Pete asked if we wanted beginning the first day. I expected to pay extra for this, but the final bill was the same as the initial estimate. What more could you ask for. I am very satisfied, thank you.

M & S, Smith


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